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We dont do business, We build relationships that stay forever


A Customer First Culture

With us, it’s all about your customer.We believe value is not about what we put into a product or service, it’s what our customers get out of the product or service.We put “technology and customer service priority over the commercial interest” as our core value in order to built trust and long-term partnership with our customers.


Culture Of Learning

We love what we do and all of us take pride in the fact of having created a workplace where we love coming every day. Our team is growing in terms of its core expertise every day.Being the geeks that we are, we thrive on regular learning  where teams from various streams gather, bounce off ideas, discuss challenges faced, collectively learn, share and just talk technology; down to the last bits.


Develop Solutions That Last

Building solutions that are best in class globally. We design and program applications the same way a world-class architect would. We try to create things that have a legacy, so whether it is software or mobile apps or websites we create products that will be used for a long time and by a lot of users.

TELL US YOUR IDEA and we can give birth to it together!

A team specialising in Outsourced Product Development that helps you

·  Reduce Your Development Cost

·  Decrease Your Time to Market

·  Complement your current set of tech skills

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Design Custom Social Network

Capitalize on user-generated content and own your customer interactions for a deeper brand engagement

Feature Rich

Members have control over the information to be displayed to others Activity Feeds from Friends.We can integrate and design a variety of social media website features and customize them for your requirement.

Privacy Settings

Members can define detail as how their personal profiles are displayed, in terms of the data & visuals fields. Security is of utmost importance

Analytics & Insights

Reclaim a treasure trove of consumer data and build a database in your social media application. You are ready to position your brand position more aggressively. Get insights into consumer behavior to govern your business operations.

Mobile Enabled

All the social media apps we build come with Native iOS and Android Mobile Apps. Our development technology is driven by the power of mobility.